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Yes, You Read It Right: Drop up to 10+ pounds and develop a wonderful-soul satisfying relationship with your body… all in one short month!

Let’s be honest… We all WANT to get in the best shape of our lives, and just as important we NEED to breathe through the crappy pressures we encounter on a daily basis. That’s a fact!

With Circuit of Change you get NOT ONLY the sculpting, stamina and surge of endorphins that come with high-intensity workouts, but the peace, tranquility, and personal empowerment of a meditative practice.

You’ve Heard It All:

  • Low Weights, High Reps
  • Marathon Cardio Sessions
  • Four Minute Ab Routines
  • Brutal
  • Boring
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Circuit of Change Builds Them All With FUN, FLUID MOVEMENT!

Created by:


Transformational Coach
Mind Body Expert
Big Ten Champion Gymnast
Iron Man Triathlete

Brian’s Story

I know the feeling of wanting to find the right workout that gives real results. I also know how it feels to try so many different things that it becomes obsessive AND time consuming! At one point I was so desperate to feel and see a change in my mind and body that I belonged to 4 different gyms at once. I was trying everything! And while I was spending hundreds of dollars per month, I was still hitting a plateau with my workouts. I just didn’t see results. Like you, I felt blocked, I felt bored, and yes — I felt depressed. I realized I needed 3 things….
  • To find a workout that would burn massive amounts of calories.
  • To find a workout that was dynamic and constantly changing.
  • To find a workout that would incorporate breathing and deep relaxation - a.k.a simple meditation --without long periods of sitting still.

But when I tried to find this workout, it didn’t exist.

That is why I created the Circuit of Change.

I put together a fusion of the disciplines I knew — gymnastics, mixed martial arts, yoga — and gave myself a workout that challenged my mind, calmed my spirit, and changed my body.

A system that combined tribal sequencing and high intensity intervals with fluid stretches and continuous breath.

I created a system that allowed me to explore my body’s ability to move in new and different ways.

I created these workouts and began to experience the results I was looking for.

Within a month, I not only dropped a bunch of weight, most of which was body fat — I also found myself thinking more clearly, freed of the mental fuzz and burnout I’d accepted as the norm. And for the first time in along time, I felt like a star athlete again.

Before I recognized all these changes, I was just like you. Trying to figure it all out. Trying to find the special remedy to lose weight and feel good. Trying to tell myself I loved my body, but never testing its limits, never feeling like I was living at full capacity.

After all that, imagine how I felt. Imagine how you could feel.

This is your perfect workout: the one that makes you powerful mentally and physically, the one that increases your self-love, and the one that decreases your pant size each month.

How will it feel?

I’ll tell you : like nothing you’ve ever felt before.
Because of the proven method behind Circuit of Change, I have become a sought after movement expert on weight loss and personal growth and I’ve seen over 50,000 students gain massive results worldwide.

I travel the globe offering classes, trainings, and workshops. I’ve been featured in over two dozen publications.

This Is A Never Before Seen Type Of Mind body Training The Most Unique & Innovative Method For MASSIVE CALORIE BURN And PEACE OF MIND

You Can Get In The Best Shape Of Your Life

In Just 30 Minutes A Day

Start Today And YOU Will…


The class is split up into 5 components to completely stimulate the mind and body at all times: 

  • Yoga
  • Martial Arts/ Kickboxing
  • Primal Core Fusion
  • Strength Training
  • Meditation

ALL Of These Disciplines Are Combined Into A 30 Minute High-Intensity

Cardio & Strength Workout Unlike Anything You’ve Ever Experienced!

Here are just some of the benefits you will enjoy:

  • Build lean muscle and increase athletic stamina
  • Meet daily stressors with clarity and calm
  • Combat seasonal blues with a massive endorphin boost
  • Experience true confidence in mind and body
  • Maintain high energy levels throughout the day
  • Reduce your risk of injury and chronic back pain
  • Develop a powerful, trusting relationship with your body
The GREATEST Full Body And Mind Training Method of ALL TIME!

I am so excited to share my solution with you.

We’ve Started A Global Movement With This PROVEN METHOD…
And I Want YOU To Be A Part Of The Success Stories!
Every class I’ve taken, there is something different incorporated in the workout – and the reason Circuit of Change stands out as my favorite fitness class is because it truly works every part of my body. I leave each class soaked in sweat and feeling awesome. Apart from the physical benefits of the class, there is a spiritual and emotional side that really brings it all together for me. Between my work-life, personal-life and personality, I sometimes find it hard to turn my brain off and not think about anything, so Circuit of Change is a personal outlet where I can just switch off and re-set into a calmer state of being. For me, COC helps me find the harmony between mind and body.

– Amel Afzal, Digital Designer, Dubai, Karachi, Colombo

Circuit of Change ignited my personal health and fitness revolution. I’ve learned to challenge myself physically and mentally, and discovered how much fun working out could be. I look forward to going to the studio and pushing myself harder each time, knowing how amazing I will feel after. When we jump and roll around in class, I’d find myself smiling and laughing. Both my body and mind changed: I grew stronger, had more energy, and became more mindful. I developed a love for kickboxing, running, yoga, and meditation that I didn’t know existed. Thanks to Circuit of Change I know the value of taking care of one’s self physically and mentally.

– Kat Landeta, Immigrants’ Rights Advocate, Mexico City

Although COC has gotten me into the best shape physically since my athletic days, it has really been the change in my emotional state that has had the biggest impact in my life. Originally I was brought into Circuit of Change by my girlfriend, who was looking for a class and community that would not only challenge herself physically, but also mentally. Although I initially viewed my participation as a sign of support for her, I quickly realized that I had spent years building up ‘negative energy’ that was influencing not only our relationship, but the relationships I had with everyone in my life (family, friends, etc). The toughest part next was the actual transformation: learning to identify where that negative energy was coming from and why I would allow it to take such a toll on me. The beautiful part about this transformation was never feeling alone. The actual class will test your limits physically, but the real transformation comes if you strip yourself of all that’s around you and dare yourself to stretch the boundaries that you think you have emotionally, to truly discover who you are as a person.

– Andre Gutierrez, Sales and Trading Associate , New York, NY

Circuit has helped me achieve two goals: understanding my body better and letting the little things go. Through the classes, I’ve learned what my body can handle and how it likes to move. I’ve learned to challenge myself physically and mentally so I can feel stronger in all aspects of my life. The classes have helped me clear my mind and relax. Learning to smile even when things are tough (i.e. holding a lunge for what feels like forever) has also helped me think positively inside and outside the class.

– Lauren Maddahi, Registered Dietitian, Los Angeles, CA

Circuit of Change is simply phenomenal. I have only incredible things to say about Brian. Physically, Mind Body Bootcamp is fitness at its finest. A harmonious blend of yoga, martial arts, and improvisational cardio sets, that stretch, burn, tone, and firm your muscles into a healthy, happy body. Mentally and emotionally, Circuit of Change is a lifestyle. I cannot recount the number of times I have walked into the studio burdened with worry, and then bounced out more centered with myself and the world. I leave exhausted but thoroughly refreshed each time, sweaty but glowing with a smile.

– Michelle Cheng, Technical Recruiter, San Francisco, CA

After my very first class I realized that I had found something much more than just a way to train my body. Brian and the Circuit of Change community welcomed me into a global movement that values physical, mental and spiritual wellness. In class and online, the community is a network of support that allows its members to strive towards goals together and share accomplishments – extending beyond just personal health and physical fitness to the realms of life, career, and general happiness. To this day, Mind Body Bootcamp is the only workout I have ever experienced where I can finish a session knowing that I have pushed my body physically, am guaranteed to be totally drenched with sweat, and will also feel completely rejuvenated and mentally refreshed.

– Jason Beckman, Stategist, Chicago, IL

Circuit of Change’s classes are for your mind, body, and soul. After class, I am not only drenched in sweat but leave the studio feeling centered and energized. Circuit of Change has provided me with a space to challenge myself physically and mentally. Almost a year after my first class, I feel stronger and more centered, approaching my everyday life with more holistic practices. I am so grateful to have found this class!

– Taylor Nelson, Development Associate,  New York, NY

Its Addictive! I love Circuit of Change. The classes are so welcoming. I feel so much healthier, stronger, and balanced.

– Bazza Alzouman, Clothing Designer, Kuwait

I’ve been training with Circuit of Change for an IronMan for the past year. Every time the workouts are new, intense, and stimulating…not only physically, but mentally. I’ve never felt better after a workout. Brian’s Mind Body Bootcamp is like the cardio of a spin class and the zen of a yoga class rolled into one. That’s what has kept me going this year, and will get me to the finish line. I’m already in the best shape of my life and can’t wait for race day!

– Richard Gnieski, Personal Trainer, Jupiter, Florida

Jackie discovered Circuit of Change and it had an immediate impact on our relationship.. The variation in activity and constant attention to movement and breathing made classes the perfect way to abandon the emotional clutter of the workday and return home happier and emotionally lighter. The two of us have always wanted different things from our workouts, but the Circuit of Change experience is focused on the individual. Both of us are able to get what we want out of class while exploring new movements and having a fun shared experience. We are constantly using quotes or lessons from class to motivate each other, and it has given us some huge discussion points for bonding and conversing each evening. Beyond our experience as a couple, one of the things that keep us coming back is the Circuit of Change community.

– Jaclyn Streitfeld-Hall, Research and Publications Officer, New York, NY.
– Ian Hall, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, New York, NY

Such an encouraging class, and so much more than fitness. I have a more positive look on life towards my self-image, and I actually find myself smiling through my workout now. Believe me, THAT is a major accomplishment. Circuit of Change is a community completely free of judgment and radiating with love.

– Bearce, Comedian-Actress, New York, NY

Truly an amazing experience led by an amazing person with immense knowledge and expertise approach to a physical, mental, and spiritual betterment of the self. I feel truly blessed stepping in and out of every class! It’s more than a class, it’s a way of life and a big part of my life!

– Juan Carlos Diaz, Actor, Osaka, Japan




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